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Theater and Auditorium in Mumbai

Nehru Planetarium MumbaiMumbai or Bombay is India's hot seat of entertainment. The city that never fatigues is always on a high, enjoying life full throttle. Mumbai quenches the desires of all those in love with live performances like plays, concerts, recitals and orations, etc as well as those fascinated with movies find ample of entertainment at various theaters that show all the latest movies.

There are a galaxy of auditoria in Bombay that are agog with plays, recitals and similar live performances. Some of the hotspots of these activities are Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Cowasjee Jehangir hall, Birla Matusari, Tejpal Auditorium and Shanmukhananda hall. National Center for Performing Art is the hub of cultural activities with concerts and recitals being regular features of center. Bombay also prides in Prithvi Theater, which has kept up the tradition of dramas alive and flourishing.

Mumbai has some of the classic and luxurious cine theaters along with the latest fad in movie watching that is multiplexes. People of all ages flock to these movie halls and have complete fun. Mumbai cine halls feature a host of movies catering to a wide segment of audiences. From that of latest Hollywood flicks to that of Hindi movies and almost all the regional movies that include - Bangla, Telugu, Kannad, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, all find their niche audience here since the city is a virtual convergence of all people from all the Indian states and people from abroad. Entertainment in Bombay is a collage of vibrant culture and social camaraderie.