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Kanheri Caves

Location Borivali, Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Distance from Mumbai 40Kms
Special Features Buddhist caves
Other Attraction Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Kanheri Caves Near MumbaiKanheri caves lie in the precincts of Sanjay Gandhi National Park and perhaps the most easily accessible among all caves. In fact the location of these caves is so picturesque that you have a feeling of a kind of religious gateway through the verdant wilds of Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

Kanheri caves are the seat for the Buddhist monks during the period of 1st Century BC to 9th Century AD. These caves are simple and bare, quite different from that of Elephanta caves which are artistically magnificent. Kanheri caves are mostly tiny cells that are cut into the edges of a hill, each having a stone plinth that might have served as a bed. There is also a congregation hall supported by huge stone pillars that contains the dagoba, a kind of Buddhist shrine.

While going up the hill, you come across several water channels that are testimony to the ancient water system an example of rainwater harvesting. Kanheri caves are a good study in realizing the rise and fall of Buddhism in Western India.

These Spartan caves have a serene look to them. Among the most exquisite piece of artistic example, are the striking sculptures of Goddess Tara and Goddess Bhrukti along with the central structure of Avalokiteswara, with five symbols each in the right and the left is housed. Also appealing is the Chaitya cave, built sometime during the 4th to 5th Century AD, with signs of decorative woodwork on the roof still extant are quite popular among tourists.

Your trip to the Kanheri caves is sure to be among the most fulfilling one with Sanjay Gandhi National Park in the vicinity rich with vivid treasury of wildlife and greenery all along. You have well laid meandering roads that make the travel so very exciting and memorable.

How to Reach Kanheri Caves

By Air
Mumbai has both international and domestic airports well connected to all the major cities. You can reach Mumbai and hire cab to reach the pleasant gateway to Kanheri caves.

By Rail/Train
Kanheri caves are nearest to Borivali railway station, about 10kms from here. Mumbai CST connects Mumbai to all the major cities of India.

By Road
Get down at Borivali railway station and it's merely 10 minutes journey from the station to Kanheri caves. There are also regular bus and cab services from Mumbai to Borivali.