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Location On Sahayadri ranges, Maharashtra
Distance from Mumbai 104kms
Special Features Well-maintained Hill station
Altitude 800mts
Other Attraction Echo point, King George Point
Best Time April, May

Matheran lies at an altitude of 800mts about 104kms from Mumbai. Perched on the stunning hilltop with dappling trees and encircled by walking tracks that adds to the beauty of this magnificent tourist spot.

Among some of the few well maintained hill stations, Matheran is accessible to all parts of Maharashtra. And the best thing about Matheran is that here motor vehicles are banned for good. This has kept the beauty of Matheran intact and unblemished. You could enjoy the wonderful rides of horses and rickshaws, but walking is the most enjoyable since you have your own space amidst the scenic splurge all around you.

Matheran has 38 points from where you can have amazing sight of nature's bounty. And that requires at least one night stay at Matheran. With lots of hotels and lodges you would love to stay for a day or two and make the most of Matheran. Some of the main scenic points in Matheran are given below:

Echo point
This point has a wonderfully panoramic view where you can enjoy your echo as well.

King George point
It's among the must visit locales in Matheran specially during Monsoon, when the waterfall overflowing from Charlott Lake makes a stunning view. If you are adventurous enough then you could reach the mouth of waterfall where strong wind prevents the water from falling down and instead throws it back.

Charlott Lake
Fulfilling the entire need of Matheran, Charlotte Lake is a beautiful picnic spot.

Panorama point
As the name suggests, the Panorama point offers a panoramic view of the Sahayadri range.

How to Reach Matheran

By Air
The nearest airport is Mumbai about 100kms from Matheran. Next closer airport is in Pune about 120kms away.

By Rail/Train
Matheran has a narrow gauge railway which links the town to Neral. Neral is on the busy Mumbai-Pune route with its broad gauge connectivity. Neral is well connected by railway line with Karajat being the nearest junction. The Matheran Hill Railway was built in 1907 by Sir Adamjee Peerbhoy, covering a distance of 20 kms meandering through verdant forest territory.

By Road
Mumbai is 104kms away from Matheran via Karjat and Neral. Matheran is 120kms from Pune. You can avail of taxis from Neral to Dastoori car park. No vehicles are allowed inside Matheran and ponies are the convenient mode of communication inside the town.
Where to stay in Matheran
Matheran Hotels: Hotel Usha Ascot, Richie Rich Resort