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Elephanta Festival

Location Elephanta Islands
Time February
Attraction Dance & Music Festival

Elephanta Festival MumbaiElephanta is a small island 10kms away from Mumbai harbor that is another of the hot tourist destination around Mumbai. Especially popular among the culture lovers and all those interested in pristine cave architecture and exotic festivals.

Every February Elephanta islands host the Elephanta festival, dedicated to the classical Indian Dance and Music. Artists from across the country converge on the occasion conjuring a mesmerizing atmosphere on this picturesque island.

Organized by the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) the festival see a massive inflow of music and dance lovers along with tourists in search of Maharashtra'a ethnic culture and tradition. Chief attraction of the festival is the illuminated Maheshmurti (Shiva-idol), in the main cave of the island. During this festival, local fisher communities present colorful folk dances and ethnic local cuisines make the ambience deliciously charming.

It is also the time when renowned dancers and musicians perform outside the caves, beneath a star spangled sky, to the niche audience. Special launch services and catering arrangements are provided for visitors.

Delving through the pages of History, earlier Elephanta was known as Puri or Gharapuri, once a powerful coastal kingdom. The island was usurped by the Portuguese and they named it Elephanta after they came across a majestically carved monolithic stone elephant here. The Elephanta islands harbors world-renowned Elephanta Caves that comes under World Heritage Sites. These caves have legends created around Lord Shiva, aesthetically engraved on the beautiful rock cave temples.

How to Reach Elephanta Caves
Elephanta Island is in the middle of Mumbai Harbour, 10 Km northeast of the Gateway of India. You have regular Motor launch services that leave from the wharf, next to the Gateway of India, from 8 am to 3 pm. Don't miss out you boat if you are really waiting for a wonderful outing among the nature's bounty and the ride becomes all the more exciting if the occasion is that of attending the Elephanta Festival.