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Churches of Mumbai

Mount Mary Church MumbaiChurches in Mumbai reflect the long association of Mumbai with the British and the Portuguese during the colonial era. Apart of being a sacred place of worship, these churches are rich repository of architectural specimens that involve all major trends of the European art and culture.

Mt. Mary Church is among the most prominent churches in Mumbai, with devotees flocking here from all faith. Situated in West Bandra past Hill Road the Basilica of our Lady of Mount Mary was built by the Portuguese in 1640. Mary Church is famous for the kind rituals that reinforce the power of prayers.

St. Michael's Church is among the oldest Catholic churches in Mumbai. As an influence of two major colonial powers the British and the Portuguese, churches came to being all over India and Mumbai was not untouched. St. Michaels Church situated on the Upper Mahim evokes the beginning of Christianity within India.

St. Thomas' Cathedral is the first Anglican Church in Mumbai, situated near the Flora Fountain. Built in 1718, St. Thomas Cathedral was an effort to improve the moral standards of the growing British settlement. This church was selected for the UNESCO Asia-Pacific heritage conservation award 2004.

Wodehouse Church is another major church situated on Wodehouse Road at Colaba in Mumbai. Christian devotees flock the Wodehouse church on a regular basis. On January 15, 2004, the Wodehouse Church entered its centenary year. The Wodehouse Church is exorbitantly decorated with a glut of art and that does not distract the devotees, instead they inspire and add to the peace and tranquility amidst the aesthetic appeal.