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Cross Maidan Mumbai

Location South Mumbai
How to reach Board a local or hire a taxi/auto or bus
Specialty The maidan, the cross and Bhika Behram Well

Cross Maidan MumbaiCross Maidan stretches out in South Mumbai over a vast land area that measures about 19,000 sq mts. In Hindi 'Maidan' means a playing ground and that surely what the Cross Maidan seems to be. The name 'Cross' owes to the old stone Cross or crucifix that was built when the city was under Portuguese rule in the 16th Century. Today the cross stands on the North end of the Cross Maidan.

Cross Maidan was once a part of an area called Esplanade that consisted of the Oval Maidan, Azad Maidan, Cooperage Football Ground. Mahatma Gandhi Road divides Cross Maidan and Azad Maidan. The part of MG Road adjacent to Cross Maidan is popularly known as Fashion Street. Here you could have a range of trendy outfits at throwaway prices.

Dry Season is the time when a part of this ground becomes an exciting playground with cricket in vogue. During Monsoons, however, the playground is agog with Soccer. Mahindra United Club, a national level club functions from the Southern end of the Cross Maidan.

Cross Maidan is also a hub of crackling entertainment with traveling circuses, exhibitions and fairs camping at its extreme Southern end.

There is a lane devoted to the foodies popularly known as khau Galli in the vicinity of the Cross Maidan. It is the lane fragrant with exotic aroma of mouth watering dishes and a favorite hunt for the office goers who get to the lane to board trains at Victoria Terminus and Churchgate.

Cross Maidan has one prominent identity in the form of a Cross standing at the Northern end of the ground. The Cross is believed to have miraculous powers to it and devotees flock from all over Mumbai and Goa during the feast on May 2. Revered equally by both Christians and Non-Christians exclusive services are held around the Cross, specially on Good Friday and Maundy Thursday.

There is Bhika Behram Well that lies at the Southern end of Cross Maidan. A perennial source of sweet water untouched by the salty water of Arabian Sea, the well was built by Bhika Behram in 1725. The site is declared heritage structure and is considered sacred by the Parsi community.