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Victoria Garden Mumbai

Location Byculla, Mumbai
How to reach Board a local or hire a taxi/auto or bus
Specialty Zoo, the Victoria and Albert Museum

Victoria Garden MumbaiVictoria Gardens or Rani Jijamata Udyaan also called Rani Bag is located at Byculla in the heart of Mumbai. Laid out in 1861, Victoria Gardens is essentially a Zoo and houses the Victoria and Albert museum, a rich repository of Mumbai's industrial and agricultural past.

Sprawling over 48 acres having some of the oldest trees in the city, Jijamata Udyan has a rich botanical garden with a host of rare species of plants carefully preserved for studies and guaranteed visual feast. The Victoria Garden also houses a giant statue of an elephant that was brought originally from the Elephanta Caves.

There is a fascinating Renaissance Clock Tower at the entrance of the Rani Bag that echoes the Italian and Renaissance style of architecture. When in the Zoo you could go for a joy ride on an elephant, however, you cannot afford to miss out a leisurely stroll through the verdant botanical gardens. Go pack your bags for a fun-filled picnic amidst this carefully manicured Victoria Gardens and relish a part of the history that emanates from the museum that lies in its precincts.