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St. Thomas Cathedral Mumbai

Location D.N. Road, Fort, Mumbai 400 001
How to reach Board a local that will take you here, or hire an auto or taxi
Kind of Church Anglican
Best Time to visit Anytime of the year

St. Thomas Cathedral MumbaiSt. Thomas' Cathedral is the first Anglican Church in Mumbai, situated near the Flora Fountain. Built in 1718, St. Thomas Cathedral was an effort to improve the moral standards of the growing British settlement.

Having selected for the UNESCO Asia-Pacific heritage conservation award 2004, St. Thomas Church owes its name to St. Thomas, a disciple of Christ who came to India to establish Christianity along the Malabar Coast, Southwestern India.

The Anglican Cathedral of St. Thomas has been a peaceful abode for many a Briton who was laid to rest under exorbitant marble tablets engraved with moving elegies. The cemetery within the cathedral's precincts has generals, clerks and young maids lying together under the cozy ground with tombstones bearing eloquent messages.

St. Thomas Cathedral attracts a host of devotees from across the country. Christmas and similar festivals are the occasion when the cathedral enamors beauty and excitement. Devotees and tourists flock St. Thomas Cathedral to find a moment of peace and admire the beautiful architecture and of course relish the wanton elegies carved on many tombstones that make every visit so much lively.