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Mumba Devi Temple

Location Bhuleshwar, Mumbai
How to reach Board a local that will take you here, or hire an auto or taxi
Presiding Deity Mumbadevi
Best Time to visit Anytime of the year
Timing Open all days except Monday

Mumba Devi Temple MumbaiMumba Devi temple is revered as the Shakthi temple in Mumbai, holding much importance since its presiding Goddess Mumbadevi is also the patron goddess of the city. In fact the name 'Mumbai' has been derived from Maa Mumbadevi.

Mumbadevi temple once stood on the site of the present Victoria Terminus in the central that was called Mumbai. It was built in honor of Mumbadevi, the patron deity of the Koli fishermen, the original inhabitants of Mumbai. The first Mumbadevi temple was built at Bori Bunder in 1737. It was later demolished and rebuilt at its present site at Bhuleshwar.

At the outset Mumbadevi temple does not look as striking as the rest of the temples in the city. However there is an intrinsic beauty attached to the temple that owes greatly to the faith and reverence of Mumbaikars over the Goddess Mumbadevi. According to mythology, the temple was the handiwork of Mumbarka, a sadistic giant whose favorite pastime was plundering the city. The residents of the city pleaded their case before Lord Brahma, the creator of Universe. Lord Brahma is believed to have conjured an eight-armed goddess who vanquished the demon for good. Thus defeated Mumbarka implored the goddess to have his name and later built a temple in her honor. She still stands there, an orange-faced goddess on an altar strewn with marigolds. Devotees believe that those who seek her divine favor are never disappointed.

The modern shrine has an idol of the Goddess Mumbadevi dressed in a robe with a silver crown, a nose stud and a golden necklace. To her left is a statue of Annapurna seated on a peacock. In front of the shrine is a tiger, the carrier of the Goddess. Mumba is a goddess without a mouth and is symbolic of Mother Earth. Other shrines within the Mumbadevi complex are dedicated to Ganesh, Maruti, Mahadev, Indrayani, Murlidhar, Jagannath, Narsoba and Balaji.