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St Michael's Church Mumbai

Location Mahim, Mumbai
How to reach Board a local that will take you here, or hire an auto or taxi
Kind of Church Catholic
Best time to visit Anytime of the year

St. Michael's Church is among the oldest Catholic churches in Mumbai. As an influence of two major colonial powers the British and the Portuguese, churches came to being all over India and Mumbai was not untouched. St. Michaels Church situated on the Upper Mahim evokes the beginning of Christianity within India.

It is believed that St. Michaels Church was built early in the 16th Century and the written documents confirm its existence since 1565. In the year 1854, when Bishop Hartmann lost control of the church, he raised funds and built Our Lady of Victory Church neat St. Michael's. Today both these churches are still extant on their sites. The current structure of St. Michaels was rebuilt in 1973. Today St. Michael's Church is popular for its Novenas on Wednesdays.

As a catholic heritage of Mumbai, St. Michael's church is keeping up with the changing times. Catholic devotees flock the church and attend the daily masses that are held here. Christmas is the occasion when St. Michael's Church drape an extravagant look, with people from all faiths congregating to present a secular face of India.