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Wodehouse Church Mumbai

Location Colaba, Mumbai
How to reach Board a local that will take you here, or hire an auto or taxi
Kind of Church Catholic
Best Time to visit Anytime of the year

Wodehouse Church is another major church situated on Wodehouse Road at Colaba in Mumbai. Christian devotees flock the Wodehouse church on a regular basis. On January 15, 2004, the Wodehouse Church entered its centenary year.

It was due to perseverant insistence of George Porter and Theodore Dalhoff, that City of Bombay Improvement Trust was convinced to allot a plot of land in Colaba for the construction of a new Wodehouse cathedral large enough to hold the burgeoning congregation. The original Wodehouse church stood at Medows Street.

Wode House Church has undergone massive renovation measures since its centenary year, and that has seen the restoration of the elaborately decorated, neo-Gothic stone church designed by Walter Ashbridge Chambers, a noted architect of the firm Gostling, Chambers and Fritchley.

The colorful frescoes adorning the vaulted ceiling including the altar's glass panels have been restored adding to the beauty and grandeur of the Wode House Church. The frescoes may not be considered a great art, but they are somewhat unusual in Mumbai, and that adds to the uniqueness to Wodehouse Church. Painted by an Italian Jesuit, Brother Antonio Moscheni, they depict scenes from the life of Jesus and from the Old Testament.

The Wodehouse Church is exorbitantly decorated with a glut of art and that does not distract the devotees, instead they inspire and add to the peace and tranquility amidst the aesthetic appeal.