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Deccan Odyssey

Deccan Odyssey Train Itinerary

Day 1 (Wednesday) Mumbai
Day 2 (Thursday) Ratnagiri
Day 3 (Friday) Sawantwadi
Day 4 (Saturday) Goa
Day 5 (Sunday) Pune
Day 6 (Monday) Aurangabad & Ellora Caves
Day 7 (Tuesday) Ajanta Caves & Nasik Travel
Day 8 (Wednesday) Mumbai/Bombay Tour

Deccan Odyssey is a luxury cruise on wheels with 5 star comfort that takes you all through Maharashtra offering an unforgettable sojourn of a land that breathes of fresh sea breeze amidst the ancient smell of bygone era carefully nestled in the modernity of global standing.

Deccan Odyssey has a weeklong safari in luxury and you can be onboard this opulent journey every Wednesday evening from Mumbai's Chhatrpati Shivaji Terminus. Once on board you feel like transported to a different world altogether. With all the accessories of luxury at your disposal there is complete comfort while you explore this exotic land of beaches, sea forts, monuments and world heritage cave frescoes. With catering and house keeping contracted to the Taj Group of Hotels you can be rest assured of the perfection in the services you get.

The Deccan Odyssey Rail has 21 coaches of which 11 are passenger cars with 4 coups each. There are two presidential suite cars with two coupes each car. The train also has a conference car that can be turned into dance floor in the night. There is also a lounge/bar car and the latest addition has been the Spa car to rejuvenate you while on board.

Journey through Deccan Odyssey is scheduled in such a manner that you travel in the night and each morning is a new destination to explore. Each itinerary through Deccan Odyssey begins from the World Heritage Site of Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus on Wednesday evening. The next day you go jive under the extravagant blue backwaters & beaches of Ganpatiphule. On the third day visit the stunning sea island fort of Sindhudurg and unwind amidst the virgin Tarkali backwaters. The day four is your date with Goa, the ravishing sea and sun take all your fatigue away. Day five takes you to Pune where you could witness Central Museum and Gandhi Memorial. Day six is booked for Aurangabad Fort and Ellora cave frescoes. On the day seven you can witness Ajanta cave frescoes and Nasik temples. The eighth day you are back to Mumbai and with this you are back to the world. Ever wondered, this extraordinary odyssey of eight days had you crisscross the magnificent Deccan Plateau over 2400kms.