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Powai Lake

Location: Northern suburb of Mumbai
Specialty: An artificial lake
Attractions: Indian Institute of Technology, National Institute of Industrial Engineering
Best Time to Visit: Anytime of the year

Powai Lake MumbaiAway from the chaos of city life Powai Lake expands in a Northern suburb of Mumbai. A large artificial lake that is situated a little West of Indian Institute of Technology, India's illustrious institution of Science and Technology.

Powai Lake was built by the British as early as in 1890. The lake owes its name to Framaji Kavasji Powai Estate, which belonged to one Parsi merchant. The Powai Lake has seen many phases, once supplying water to Mumbai, the lake today has been declared unfit to drink. Yet, the placid and soothing expanse of Powai Lake attracts tourists in hordes.

Offering a much needed escape from the chaotic city life, Powai Lake is an ideal spot for picnickers. You could laze around the bank of the lake and enjoy the nature in peace. Powai Lake can be approached by King's Circle, Sion and Kurla as well as from Santa Cruz and Andheri.