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Best Time to Visit Mumbai

Best Time to Visit MumbaiMumbai/Bombay is a city offering mega entertainment scopes for tourists. However one should know when to visit Mumbai so that the city's weather may not play a spoilsport to your tourism binge.

Bombay has an essentially a humid climate due to its proximity to the Arabian Sea. This is the time when you are in grips of never drying sweats that can make your life horrible. However, the period between October and February is the ideal time when you could visit Mumbai without falling hostage to the climatic crisis posed by humidity. During these months Bombay enjoys the refreshing gales of cold breeze and clear and azure sky warmly greeting your arrival.

However, if you could dare to face a bit of humid then plan your visit in late August or early September when Ganesha Chaturthi, the ten-day mega fest celebrating lord Ganesha is held with vibrant camaraderie and religious fervor. It is the time when Mumbai is decked in all colors and electric with enthusiasm.