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Communication in Mumbai

Mumbai or Bombay has an extensive network of communications connectivity. Bombay being the commercial capital of India and the hub of mega industries of global propositions has all the facets and modes of communications for better connectivity and foolproof dissemination of information. Among the various modes of communications within Mumbai, the city has a huge network of telephony - fixed and mobile, postal service, broadband Internet connectivity, and audio-visual media - television channels, radio channels, newspaper and magazine houses.

Telephones in Mumbai
Mumbai is the commercial hub of India with people from across the country as well as beyond the borders converging, adding their important share to the city's economy. Mumbai has Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) that is providing all the telecom services within the city. These services include a host of communications services including landline, mobile GSM, CDMA, Internet services, Broadband services, leased line services. Along with MTNL there are many private players offering mobile and landline telephone services.

Postal Services in Mumbai
The General Post Office, Mumbai is the central post office of Mumbai that handle the inbound and outbound mails and parcels. The GPO has the Postal Index Number (PIN) 40001. There are also various private postal and courier services providing an efficient mode of postal communication.

Internet in Mumbai
Mumbai is connected to globe through an efficient network of broadband connectivity. Bombay has a host of peppy and fast accessibility Internet kiosk allowing you to surf and remain connected. MTNL is number 1 Internet Service Provider in Mumbai, along with many more private service providers.

Radio Services in Mumbai
Mumbai has a population on the move and radios are come handy when it comes to news and entertainment. There are as many as ten radio stations in Mumbai, six broadcasting on the FM band of which two are by All India Radio, three stations on AM, medium wave band and one on AM short wave band.

Television Channels in Mumbai
In the audio-visual mode of communications, Mumbai has a host of television channels with a number of programs for the viewers. Mumbai has all the national, regional and many international channels covering all the genres of programs such as news, entertainment, business, sports, movies, cartoon, etc.

Newspapers and Magazines in Mumbai
Mumbai has almost all the leading newspaper houses and magazines along with several regional houses for a huge reading populace. The regular and popular newspapers include The Times of India, Mid-day, Indian Express, The Asian Age and Hindustan Times. Among the regional newspapers Mumbai has Marathi newspapers - Loksatta, Maharashtra Times, Sakaal. Bombay has also India's oldest newspaper Bombay Samachar that is being published in Gujarati and English since 1822.