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Local Transportation in Mumbai

Local Transportation in MumbaiMumbai has an efficient network of local transportation carrying you all across the city. You can opt to be a part of the chaos of the locals or just choose the window seat on the Double Decker bus run by the BEST and see the Mumbai life in all its color. Or when in hurry hire a taxi, but be ready to get stuck in the traffic when you desperately willing to reach some place. Mumbai never leaves you bored; even the chaos makes a sense here if you are a sport.

Suburban Electric Trains / Locals
Local trains are one of the fastest, cheapest and most commonly used means of transportation within Bombay. The city is interconnected by the following local railway network:

1. Western Railway running between Churchgate and Virar.

2. Central Railway running between Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (Bombay V.T.) and Karjat.

3. Harbour Line running between Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (Bombay V.T.) and Mankhurd.

4. A new railway line running between Shivaji Terminus (Bombay V.T.) and New Mumbai.