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Mumbai Location

Mumbai LocationMumbai or Bombay is the commercial center of India, a major metropolitan city that is situated on the western coast of India along the banks of the surging Arabian Sea. Located on the Salsette Island, Mumbai is mostly as Sea level with average elevation ranging from 10 to 15 meters. The Island City consists of two distinct regions - the city and the suburbs.

Longitude: 18.96°N,
Latitude: 72.82°E

Here is the list of major cities of India along with their distances from Mumbai:

City Kilometers
Agra 1345 km
Ahmedabad 490 km
Aurangabad 375 km
Bangalore 1210km
Calcutta 1960km
Chennai 1280km
Delhi 1385km
Kochi 1840km
Pune 190km
Varanasi 1510 km

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