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Mumbai Fashion

Mumbai FashionMumbai / Bombay has been India's major fashion hub that has the country looking forward to style itself. Bombay is the hot seat of Bollywood that churns out Hindi movies, which influence the fashion trends emulated by the youth all over the country.

High in hot couture Mumbai has been the trendsetter in fashion. There are outlets, which have all the latest fads of the globe. All the major brands are available in its chic and suave malls and retail clothing chains. Apart from niche attire brand outlets, Mumbai offers a footloose way of marketing for clothes. Places like Fashion Street near Churchgate station is undoubtedly the most famous spot for both Mumbaikars as well as the tourists. Here bargaining is a culture and if you are a skilled bargainer, you could get good things cheap.

With mostly a humid weather, Mumbai is more prone to informal clothes with dash of peppy colors on the move. However, the office goers have all the dandy and formal clothes to flash. Mumbai street in the evening is spangled with beautiful petite women in some of the most hip and hot outfits wearing the contemporary trends at the best.