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Mumbai Weather

Mumbai WeatherMumbai's nearness to the Arabian Sea makes its weather mostly humid year round. However the Mumbai climate has its own pleasant moments specially between October and February when cool breeze and blue skies offer you a soothing welcome. However, we can broadly categorize the Bombay weather into three seasons: Humid, Monsoon and Dry.

Humid Season
Bombay has quite an uncomfortable weather condition between March and October. It is the time when humidity is at the worst with temperature hovering around 300C, with a lot of sweating that never dries up.

Monsoon Season
Mumbai receives the refreshing spell of Monsoon rains that lash the city during June to September. This is the time when Mumbai has most of its annual rainfall of 2,200 mm. It is also a period when Mumbai becomes a floating city with the poor and archaic sewerage system, life comes to stand still causing immense setback to its economy.

Dry Season
This period of Bombay's weather condition lies between November and February, distinguished by moderate levels of humidity and warm to cool weather. Cold Northerly winds catalyzes chill to the weather during January and February. However this part of season has the most comfortable climate, relieving you from slimy humidity.