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Clothes to Wear in Mumbai

Clothes to Wear in MumbaiMumbai/Bombay's proximity to the sea has endowed it a Mediterranean Climate with humidity hanging in the atmosphere making living quite sweaty and uncomfortable for those not use to such climate.

When you traveling to Mumbai you must revamp your clothing sensibilities and carry light, natural and cotton clothes. Cotton clothes will keep your body airy and relieve you from sogginess of sweat. Among your clothes while in Bombay you could carry shorts, short-sleeved shirts, T-shirts and any other lightweight clothes that will keep you comfortable.

Mostly the humid season is atrocious during March to October, so keep yourself easy on clothes, wear loose and airy attires. While on the move wear sandals or light shoes or slippers. However, the clothing affair becomes less worrisome on fashion point in the evening when Mumbai comes out with sparkling colors and trendy outfits. So, go rock your way when in Mumbai!